About Kem Chicks

Little Bit About Us

Kem Chicks began with the efforts of the company founder, "Bob" Sadino, who sold eggs of imported chicken that was locally-bred door to door in Kemang District.

His success in breeding Imported chicken in Indonesia. As the market responded positively, he started his small shop he named “Kem Chicks”.

The business acquired its name by adopting 3 words of the district of the company first established, Kemang, while “Chicks” was chosen after Bob Sadino’s initial business.

He became respectively known by expatriates and developed his business chain from selling eggs to imported goods, then he established a supermarket on March 1, 1970 under the legal entity PT Boga Catur Rata to fulfil the growing demand of imported goods.

The struggle, and the unique value of the supermarket has made it famous for its mix of imported products and humble services.





About Kem Chicks

Little Bit About Us

Kem Chicks Kemang, under management of PT Boga Catur Rata, is the first supermarket that was established by Bob Sadino himself. The supermarket was designed to recreate an imaginary atmosphere of “Home”, with a taste of homy, cozy vibes that is loved by most of its loyal customers.

Kem Chicks Pacific Place, under management of PT Akar Panji Ulung, is the first partner that is legally able to use the “Kem Chicks” brand as franchisee. The supermarket is located in Pacific Place Mall, Sudirman Central Business District, Jakarta. Kem Chicks Pacific Place is a place for workers, executives, and family who enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables and exclusive shopping experiences.

Kem Chicks Golf Island Pantai Indah Kapuk, under management of PT Kemang Karsa Lestari is Kem Chicks’ franchisee running a boutique exclusive supermarket in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. The store is designed in a modern-industrial concept with more experience activities for the customers. The store is located between residential and tourist destinations in a strategic location, making it stand out among people passing by.

Kem Chicks WTC, under management of PT Panganusa Sejahtera is Kem Chicks’ franchisee that is designed as a compact supermarket with a highly curated product mix. The supermarket was established to fulfill the high demand of Kem Chicks’ exclusive products in WTC buildings.

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